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Community Decisions for Clean Water

UW-Madison project provides tools for communities to help make decisions for the betterment of their waters. The Water Sustainability and Climate Project (WSC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is an integrated effort to understand how water and the many other benefits people derive from nature could change over time. The project is focused on the […]

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Wisconsin Needs a Fully Functional EPA

Wisconsin Lakes joins citizens and environmental organizations at EPA listening session By Wisconsin Lakes staff The Environmental Protection Agency’s Region V Director, Robert Kaplan, heard citizen testimony on EPA’s role in protecting water in Wisconsin this past Tuesday, November 15 in Eau Claire. With nearly 200 citizens in attendance, roughly 60 speakers raised the spectre […]

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Volunteering for Lakes

BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY KEEPING OUR LAKES SAFE AND CLEAN By Wisconsin Lakes staff Wisconsin relies on volunteers to be the eyes and ears in the lake world. Volunteers can play an important role in assessing lake water quality and the watershed health by monitoring: water clarity, water chemistry (such as dissolved oxygen or […]

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Lake Organizations in Wisconsin

PROTECTING WISCONSIN’S LAKES AND LAKE PROPERTY NOW AND FOR THE FUTURE By Wisconsin Lakes staff Wisconsin features two main types of lake organizations, lake associations and lake districts. Lake associations are voluntary groups, and have been around since the 19th century. Lake districts, a more recent creation, are special purpose units of government with taxing […]

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Planning, Protection, and Management

WISCONSIN’S GRANT PROGRAM FOR LAKES By Wisconsin Lakes staff Wisconsin’s surface water grant programs—administered by the Department of Natural Resources—help lake groups and local units of government fund important local lake projects. Over the last few decades, these grant programs have provided the state important information about many of our lakes, the challenges they face, […]

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