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ACTION ALERT: Legislature fast-tracks dredging with no oversight

A bill exempting allowing some waterfront property owners to dredge up to five dump truck loads of lakebed per year with no oversight, notice, or permit risks the spread of invasive species, phosphorus, and dangerous chemicals. Even though it deals with a real problem, this isn’t the solution (but we have some ideas…)  Read more on this bill…

This time it’s the wetlands…

A bill exempting “non-federal” wetlands from Wisconsin’s wetland permitting requirements is set to receive a legislative hearing on Thursday, December 21, 2017 at the State Capitol in Madison. AB547/SB600 would exempt most wetlands that are not connected to other waters from the permitting requirements. These wetlands make up 20% of all wetlands in the state, and should be protected. Read more on this bill…

When is a navigable water navigable?

A bill moving quickly through the legislature would restrict DNR from designating some dam-created lakes as navigable, and limit water quality protections on those waterbodies. Follow developments with this bill with Wisconsin Lakes.


Northwest Wisconsin Lakes Conference
Friday, June 22, 2018
Spooner High School, Spooner

The Northwest Wisconsin Lakes Conference is a great opportunity for lake enthusiasts, local government officials, and others interested in protecting our water resources to take in a number of educational presentations, visit many informative exhibits and network with fellow conference attendees.

Featured Keynote Speaker: Keith Crowley, outdoor photographer, journalist, and author of Gordon MacQuarrie: The Story of an Old Duck Hunter, Wildlife in the Badlands, and A Passion for Grouse

Registration is now open!

Volunteer for our lakes!

Wisconsin relies on volunteers to be the eyes and ears in the lake world!

Volunteer lake monitoring is a great way to, learn more about your lake, observe and document long-term changes in lake health, and collect valuable data. This data is used to report on lake conditions and water quality trends, to prepare lake and watershed management plans, and to teach others about our lakes’ health and what we can do to take better care of them. Wisconsin has several monitoring programs that depend on citizen involvement.

Lake Organizations in Wisconsin

Protecting Wisconsin’s lakes and lake property now and for the future

Build a better website – Lakekit.net is now part of WI Lakes

Kicking off with a workshop at the WI Lakes Partnership Convention in which your organization will build its own basic website, Wisconsin Lakes is proud to announce Lakekit.net is now a program of Wisconsin Lakes! Read about this incredible opportunity for a low-cost, low-maintenance website for your organization, and how to sign up to get started at the Lakekit Workshop, Wed April 18 at the Lakes Convention in Stevens Point.

Zebra Mussels Come to NW Wisconsin

Invasive zebra mussels were found on Big McKenzie Lake in NW Wisconsin, the first invaders first foray into this part of the state. Read more on the response.

Living on the Lake

Selecting lakefront property. There are many reasons people fall in love with Wisconsin lakes.

Your Statewide Lake Association

We Speak for Lakes!

Wisconsin Lakes, formerly known as the Wisconsin Association of Lakes, is the only statewide non-profit organization working exclusively to protect and enhance the quality of Wisconsin’s 15,000 lakes. For more than 20 years, Wisconsin Lakes has worked toward statewide solutions for the challenges faced by our abundant natural water resources while supporting strong local protection efforts. We represent citizens and lake groups like you who care about Wisconsin’s lakes as a shared resource, and who appreciate the value lakes bring to our quality of life, tourist economy, and property tax base. Wisconsin Lakes seeks to protect the natural wonder of our lakes, and preserve our collective right to boat, fish, hunt, ice skate, swim and enjoy the scenic beauty of our shared public waters.


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